Little tigers help big tigers – over

Kleine Tiger unterstützen ...(Little tigers help big tigers) is a promotion by new_bozita_general_blue & blue payoff

„Your cat can help“ was the motto of the Lantmännen Bozita GmbH and the biggest promotion campaign for SPEA, yet.

The huge animal fair „Interzoo“ in Nuremberg on 29/05/2014 started it all. Merchants and retailers were there to inform themselves about the campaign at Bozita’s stall. Bozita had their favourite food package redesigned with tiger stripes. This package was sold in the local animal shops.

The best thing is that Bozita didn’t only help us to gain more attention but also spend 4ct of each sold tiger-package. This added up to a total amount of 10,000.00€! Every cent of this money will go straight to our tigers in form of food, enclosure maintenance and enrichment.

Tiger+Kiara, Boris, Igor, Ussuri, Rhani, Pünktchen, Anubis, Kalaharia, James+Nala, Finja+Leo, Crash+Eddie, the Ferret-Crew and the „two-legs“ of


heartily thank

new_bozita_general_blue & blue payoff

for the promotion

Kleine Tiger unterstützen ...