The Sanctuary for Predators and Exotic Animals is a non-profit organization. All expenses are only financed through private donations and membership fees. It’s only with your help that we‘ll be able to keep on caring for our animals!

How can I donate?

No matter how big or small, ever donation supports the work of the SPEA and gives us the opportunity of caring for our animals. There are many ways to support us financially: Become a member or sponsor an animal, think about leaving us some of your inheritance or donate directly:

Name of association: Raubtier- und Exotenasyl e.V.
Name of bank: Sparkasse Ansbach
Creditor Identifier: DE50REA00000246322
IBAN: DE06 7655 0000 0008 1884 43

If you want to donate for our project „Save the tigers‘ wood in Ansbach“ you can do this simple and fast through this form:


For more information on out project „Save the tigers‘ wood in Ansbach“ please refer to the German site or ask our press team for more information.


You can also donate directly on site when you visit us or help by spreading the word.

Material donations are always welcome as well! We need „toys“ such as balls, tires and trees as well as tools. For this specific purpose we compiled an Amazon wishlist. Please feel free to browse through it.

Thank you for your contribution to preserving this unique place for animals in need!

Why does the SPEA depend on donations?
As a non-profit organization we are not supported by public fonds.

How do your donations support us?
Donations and membership fees are used to carry all kinds of costs, some of which include:

  • Food expenses for the animals
  • Veterinary bills for vaccinations, examinations and treatments
  • Wages for our full-time keeper and the „BuFDi“
  • Rent for our grounds
  • Maintenance costs
  • Electricity, water and heating (especially in winter!)  as well as garbage disposal
  • Tools like water hoses, rakes or buckets

Donations to non-profit organizations are tax-deductible. If desired we’re more than happy to put a donation receipt at your disposal.

You have the possibility of making a positive change in our animals‘ life through your commitment, donations, sponsorships or through the membership of our association. Without you giving these animals a life worth living wouldn‘t be possible!