Active volunteers

Currently we have 350 members (Feb. 2018) who are supporting our non-profit organization / sanctuary in numerous ways. We consider ourselves as a team in which every member does their part to help the animals: Whether it’s financially through yearly membership fees, support in keeping and caring for the animals, maintaining the grounds or by taking on organizing jobs at the board of association.

Helping hands in every situation

Answering questions at the open house, baking cakes to be sold at the Tiger Café, supervising the info booth when we are touring through Germany to spread the word about the Sanctuary, providing advice and support when there is a new challenge ahead, repairing enclosures, mowing the grass, doing the shopping –  at the SPEA there is always something to be done and we are grateful for every helping hand!

A huge thank you to all volunteers who support us with their time, commitment, skills, knowledge and their contacts to overcome any obstacles that face us.