„Bundesfreiwilligendienstler“ (federal service volunteer; BuFDi)

Currently we have 350 members (Feb. 2018) who are supporting our non-profit organization / sanctuary in numerous ways. We consider ourselves as a team in which every member does their part to help the animals: Whether it’s financially through yearly membership fees, support in keeping and caring for the animals, maintaining the grounds or by taking on organizing jobs at the board of association.

Meet our „BuFDi“s!

The „Bundesfreiwilligendienst“ is an excellent opportunity to get a sneak peak into a unique work environment. Whether you want to get started in your career after completing school,  take a year off before university or an apprenticeship or even to try out a job you’ve always dreamed of.

In 2017 Kisha and Luise started their service. Luise decided to stay 6 months longer and will help us until February 2019. Thank you!

In 2016 Sophie started her service in June, in September Yvonne started her BufDi.
Yvonne broke of her pre-school tutor apprenticeship to become a zoo keeper. Until she gets a place for the zoo keeper apprenticeship she’ll serve at the Sanctuary to gather more experience. Although she is allergic to cats she fairs really well and doesn’t feel her allergy during work at all.

In 2015 Jana left us after nine months of good work in our team. Rebecca was able to extend her service and helped us until June 2016. Thank you Rebecca for your loving care and work you did!
In autumn Melina started her service.

In 2014 we were able to offer two spots for Bufdis for the first time. Jana has been a great help since October. Rebecca started out as a long-term internship but fortunately decided to take the second Bufdi-position.
Jana actually wanted to study veterinary medicine in Leibzig. She used the time between her A-Levels and the begin of university to do and internship at SPEA. Olaf offered her one of the open BufDi-positions since he saw how much she liked working here – and Jana agreed. She could save her place at Leipzig for the next year and is now gathering experience with exotic animals.
Rebecca on the other hand wants to do a qualification as an animal keeper and for this she needs practical experience. After asking the Nuremberg Tiergarten for a long time internship, they referred to us. And that’s how she came to be our long term internship in October. Since the second BufDi position was still free Olaf offered her that one and since November she is officially our second BufDi this year.
Both of them love working at the Sanctuary and their priority is to see the animals happy and confident.

In 2013 Rosalie started her new life at SPEA. She wants to become an animals keeper. For this dream she quit her old job and started the „BuFDi“-year in Wallersdorf. Unfortunately Rosalie left us in April 2014 leaving the BuFDi spot open for new applicants.

In 2012 Anna passed the bucket and sweeping broom on to her successor Dennis, whose intention was to gain some practical experience after completing his Abitur (A-Levels). If everything goes as planned he would like to study Biology.

In 2011 we were glad to welcome our first „BuFDi“, Anna, who has already done a great job with SPEA and its animals. She discerned us from a report on television, after which she was so interested that she applied immediately,. even delaying her studies in English/History of Art to work at the SPEA instead.

The work as a „BuFDi“ is a full-time job., which means up to 38 hours a week at the SPEA, and will be rewarded with a monthly allowance. Please visit the category “Internships and BuFDi“ for more information.