Our press team

Dear reporters journalists and all other interested parties,

our press team is more than happy to facilitate your work by providing with more detaileed information, pictures, as well as contacts to SPEA board members and keepers. If desired it’s not trouble at all to arrange an interview meeting or to inform you about upcoming special events.

You can reach us by sending a mail to the following E-Mail address:

Would you like to be informed regularly about the going ons at the SPEA? Just say the word and we’ll add  you to our press mailing list, so you’ll receive regular updates and useful current information.

Like nearly all of the SPEA‘s areas of responsibility, the press team consists of volunteers only. We hope you’ll understand requests will mostly be answered after regular working hours in the evening. However, we will most definetely try to answer your mails as soon as humanely possible. For urgent request, please contact the head of press team Bianca Zimmer.

We look forward to cooperating with you!
The SPEA press team