Save the tigers’ wood in Ansbach!

Help us to keep our Sanctuary for Predators and Exotic Animals (SPEA)!

The 6.000 m2 sanctuary was established with the help of supporters and the hard work of many volunteers, and it is now to be sold. The asking price is more than a half million Euros, a prohibitive amount for our non-profit association – which does not receive any subsidies or public funds.

The only possibility to provide a permanent haven for these big cats is to find enough donors and supporters to buy the property outright. As these animals have only lived in captivity their entire lives, a sanctuary environment is the only way to ensure their survival. They would not be able to endure if reintroduced into the wild. Their fate would then be sealed.

Help secure the future of our animals; please donate to purchase a piece of the SPEA grounds!

Please help us and donate! You can use this simple and safe form:


For more information on out project “Save the tigers’ wood in Ansbach” please refer to the German site or ask our press team for more information.